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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Protocols @ Albert Street Tattoo, June 1st 2020

What you need to Know Before Your Appointment:

1. Do you currently have, of have you had in the last 14 days, any of the following symptoms:

a. Fever of 38 degrees C or 100.5 degrees F

b. Sore Throat, cough or stuffy nose

c. Shortness of Breath

d. Body Aches or Headache

2. Have you travelled outside of Manitoba in the last 14 days?

3. Have you been in contact with anyone who has travelled outside Manitoba in the last 14 days?

4. Have you had a positive COVID19 test in the last 14 days?

5. Are you awaiting results of a COVID19 tes

We are SO EXCITED to welcome you back into our studio!!! We have pretty important safe reopening protocols to make this happen, please read through the following points :


Only Pre-booked appointments are permitted to allow for appointment pre-screening.

Please call your Artist of Choice directly for Shorter-Notice Appointment Availability (your Artist's preferred method of contact can be found on their Featured Artist Page!).

Clients MUST attend their appointment alone. Extra guests will be turned away at the door.

Tattoo appointments for minors will not be permitted at this time due to capacity protocols (typically, a parent must be present for the appointment and to provide required ID).

Artists will be in touch with clients 2-3 business days before appointment to ask about symptoms and instruct about studio safe opening protocol. Appointments must be rescheduled if clients are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.

Things to know before your appointment
We are operating with a locked door to limit the number of people in the studio.

The client is to contact the artist directly when the client arrives at the building at the scheduled appointment time. The artist will unlock the elevator and allow the client into the studio.

Our waiting room is not open at this time due to capacity protocol. Please arrive promptly for your appointment but be prepared to wait in your car should you arrive more than 5 minutes early.

Clients must bring their own drinks and snacks as we cannot provide these at this time.

Clients must immediately sanitize hands upon entering the studio.

non-negotiable - Client's must wear a mask at all times.
We will have disposable masks available for purchase for $2, or we have the option of fabric masks to borrow if the client does not bring their own.

After sanitizing hands and donning your mask (if not already done) clients must go directly to their artist’s room.

The artist will direct the client as to where they can place any personal effects.

Artists must wear masks at all times, when dealing with clients.

EVERYONE must re-sanitize hands when leaving and entering the studio.


Please bring photo ID with you to your appointment.

You will need fill out a consent form prior to your appointment, which we will provide when you arrive! 

Payment types

CASH or E-transfer

Please discuss payment with your Artist prior to your appointment.

It is best to come prepared! 


35 Albert Street, lot #102 (the lot comes up as 201 Portage). Pay by the Hang Tag parking app, coin or sometimes credit card


Weekends only: 60 Albert St (the lot beside our building)  $4 all day **for any spot labelled reserved weekdays only.

Pay by Hang Tag App HangTag Lot #272)


Street parking, please use the PayByPhone App. Leaving to plug the meter during the tattoo can be problematic. 


The Mobile Apps makes it easy !

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