Shorter Notice Tattoos

We do not offer a WALK-IN Tattoo Service.

Instead, we offer Short Notice Tattoos

by appointment only

when an artist finds themselves available due to a cancellation.

The consult form below is monitored by our artists,

who do their best to accommodate your requests

according to their schedules. 

Submitting a short notice tattoo form

does not guarantee an appointment. 

A short-notice tattoo idea should be 

palm-sized or smaller and take less than 2 hours.

Due to demand,

we define shorter notice as within two to three weeks,

depending on your and the artist's availability.

An artist will contact you if they can fit your idea into their schedule.

Please keep in mind that our artists are busy

and are doing their best to make time for you and your idea!

To discuss a tattoo idea with an artist,

please visit our Artist's pages to see whose style best suits your idea

and contact them directly through their form! 

Please fill out our Shorter Notice Tattoo Form! 
Send pictures of your Tattoo Idea!!

Thank you so much for contacting us! Please be patient, we are doing our best to fit in these short notice requests!

Please click on the Already Booked button for more information!