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What do I need to know before my appointment? 

We are operating By Appointment Only.

Extra Guests are limited to people who have scheduled matching tattoos.

This must be pre-arranged with your artist.

We ask you to arrive promptly; 5 minutes before your appointment is perfect.

Please contact your Artist when you arrive.

They will meet you in the lobby and bring you up for your appointment.​

Please discuss mask use with your artist BEFORE your appointment to ensure your comfort levels are met.


Please sanitize your hands when you enter the studio and every time you enter your artists' room!

Please bring your own drinks and snacks for your appointment.

If you plan on watching or listening to media on your phone during your appointment, HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED.

We ask that you respect other artists and clients

who prefer a single sound source

while you visit our studio by using your headphones

and listening at a reasonable volume not to distract your artist.

Please bring your Photo ID with you to your appointment.

You will need to fill out a consent form, which we will provide when you arrive.


Your appointment will be rescheduled if you currently have any of the following symptoms:

     a. Fever 

     b. Sore Throat, cough or stuffy nose

     c. Shortness of Breath

     d. Body Aches or Headache

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