Tattoos by Jodie Wentz

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I love bringing ideas into reality. I love working with my tattoo clients to bring their concepts to life, hopefully in an even more esthetically beautiful way than they may have imagined!

Thank you a million times over for your support. I cannot fully express how much it means to me. 

i am not actively booking, but I invite you to send a WAITLIST  request.

My WAITLIST has its privileges... if appointment openings become available,

the WAITLIST will be where I turn to fill those openings! 

And when I am ready to re-open my books, my WAITLIST takes priority. 

Do You Want to Join Jodie's WAITLIST?
Send me Pictures of your Tattoo Idea!!

Thank you for contacting me, and for joining my waitlist! Your tattoo request has been received, and will be reviewed as openings become available, or as priority before I reopen my books! Thank-you!