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I love bringing ideas into reality. I love working with my tattoo clients to bring their concepts to life, hopefully in an even more esthetically beautiful way than they may have imagined!

Thank you a million times over for your support. I cannot fully express how much it means to me. 

I know it's been a minute since I was booking in a regular manner!

Because of this, I am able to have consults this month, and book your tattoos for Summer and Fall 2024!

Colour or gray scale!
Realism and Neo-traditional styles!

Show me your ideas for:
☀️space, cosmos, galaxy
🐶pets and wildlife
✨metaphysics and magic
🛕religious iconography of all faiths
🍿pop culture🎶
💐colourful florals

If you have submitted a waitlist request, check your emails (including spam folders).

If you haven’t heard from me already, please resend.


If your request does not require my specific skill set, I may refer the tattoo to one of my talented and lovely artists at Albert Street Tattoo!   


Your request does not need to include all of the above to be considered, I promise! 

Would you like to book a Consult with Jodie?

Send me a picture!

Brett Young

Jodie was fantastic to work with. Very happy with the tattoo!
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