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Kenzie Rhi Tattoos

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Hi, I'm Kenzie!

A little bit about me:

I’ve always had a love for traditional tattoos and started collecting them as soon as I turned 18.
I started painting tattoo flash for fun in 2020, which quickly turned into an opportunity for an
apprenticeship and to learn to tattoo.

For fun, I like to sing and play guitar, go to concerts, and festivals, or really any chance to see live music.

Painting for work or for pleasure.

I love to travel and hope to incorporate my love for travelling
into my work.
Cats are definitely my special interest, haha. I don’t have any right now (sad face), but seeing any cat is the highlight of my day.
I am a huge nerd for geography and The Sims 4
I am proudly queer :-)

Kenzie's books are closed! 

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