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Karen M Tattoos

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I am a self-taught artist; my mother's creativity inspired me early, and I fell in love with art!

I have 10 years of experience as a tattoo artist, and I enjoy tattooing a variety of styles! 

I love video game and film-inspired pop culture designs, although floral pieces bring me the most joy – in bold colour and black and grey!

The thing I love most about tattooing is the ability to give people their confidence back and boost their self esteem!

In the wild, I can be found playing video games, watching horror movies or listening to True Crime podcasts. I also enjoy playing Magic the Gathering with my husband, taking in local punk & metal shows, and loving my nieces! 

It's time! My books are open and I'm ready to start some new projects! 

I'm currently booking July-Dec 2024. 

I have replied to WAITLIST emails, so please check your inboxes. 

Please give me 2-4 weeks to respond. I'm a one-person operation, and scheduling can take some time. 

I can't wait to hear your ideas! 

Would you like to join Karen's WAITLIST? 

Send me a Photo of your Tattoo Idea!

Jen Dyer

Karen just did a beautiful tattoo on me - first chest peice - and I was thrilled with the bright, open environment and the great staff. Karen is an incredible artist and 10/10 will be back for more of her work! 
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