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Tattoos by Renee Strong

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Renee Strong is a talented real-world medium artist, using paint and pencil crayon to create gorgeous realism on paper!

She has an impeccable eye for value and detail that creates a great realism artist.
Renee currently creates black and bold tattoos, with greyscale work being her current specialty.
Renee enjoys creepy and horror-themed tattoos.   

She has brought her talent for realism to the tattoo medium and is looking to do more.

Renee would love to fill her days with
small portraits, realistic colour florals and insects!
She would also love to see her work go in the direction of horror realism.

Renee has a great blackwork collection and bold pre-designed tattoos ready to grace your skin.   Send her a message to see MORE!

Do you want to book A CONSULT WITH RENEE?

send me pictures of your idea!!

Thank you for contacting me! Please be patient, I will be in touch within a week or so! Please click on the Already Booked button below for important information to know about the shop before your appointment!

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