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Welcome to Albert Street Tattoo.

Explore our online portfolios to find your favourite style. 

We ask you to contact the Artist whose style best suits your tattoo idea to get the best result!

A tattoo of a new school-style dinosaur on vacation; wearing a hat, rose tinged sunglasses and a loud hawaiian shirt, holding a camera
A tattoo of an orange tabby cat surrounded by cat toys with a gold frame around an outer space background in full color
A black and grey tattoo of lage lilies capping a woman's shoulder
A tattoo of the character Rainbow Brite in full color
A large scale, intricately layered mandala shoulder and arm tattoo in black and grey
A black and grey tattoo of a spider mum flower in a japanese style
A portrait tattoo of Frankenstien's monster in black and grey
A tattoo of the videogame character Kirby in a snowglobe with a moon and stars in full color
A thigh tattoo of a blue and grey magpie in flight
A photo of a healed tattoo featuring a bouquet of birth flowers in full color
A full sleeve tattoo of an Aztec medicine wheel in black and grey
An arm tattoo of a golden rabbit or hare, a character from a book called Watership down, in full color
A black and grey tattoo of a lion cub wearing the crown of England haphazard on his head
A traditional style tattoo of a cowgirl with colorful scarf and cowboy hat   in black,  red and brown.
A color tattoo of a gold toned moth with flowers below and above in dusty colours

There are two ways to start the conversation with your chosen Artist:

  1. Fill out the consult form on your Artist's portfolio page or

  2. Click the provided link to contact your Artist directly if they don't have a form.

Our Artists will contact you directly to talk about your project.

They will provide pricing based on the details discussed about your tattoo and will offer dates for your appointment according to their schedules.  

Erin Edwards

The tattoo shop is a beautiful space that feels private yet open at the same time. All the artists I've met have been super welcoming and encouraging during the not so fun times lol. Parking is a bit of a bear, but I love my artist and the work that she has done. Would def recommend this shop. 
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