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Welcome to Albert Street Tattoo.

Our Artists:

A tattoo of a new school-style dinosaur on vacation; wearing a hat, rose tinged sunglasses and a loud hawaiian shirt, holding a camera
A color realistic tattoo scene of a flying car and the castle from Harry Potter, with a portrait of Professor Dumbledore beneath
A black and grey tattoo of lage lilies capping a woman's shoulder
A tattoo of cartoon and toy character Strawberry Shortcake in the foreground, wearing a pink hat and white dress. There is a large watercolor strawberry in the background of this tattoo
A black and grey tattoo of a lion with intricate mandala work on its forehead and beneath its chin
A black and grey tattoo of a spider mum flower in a japanese style
A color tattoo of Jason Vorhees mask and a pair of machetes underneath
A bold color tattoo of a Kewpie dollface inside an orange
A blue and grey magpie in flight
A tattoo of a colorful gourd, yellowish orange with green spots of varying size
A dotwork black and grey tattoo of a bird on a branch full of thorns
A bold color tattoo of a mushroom in blues and pinks, with a shimmer effect
A black and grey tattoo of a lion cub wearing the crown of England haphazard on his head
A colorful traditional tattoo of the man in the crescent moon with hearts all over the moon's surface
A color tattoo of a gold toned moth with flowers below and above in dusty colours

If you would like to contact an Artist, please click on one of the images above to access the selected Artist's page. Each Artist has either a consult form or a booking link to contact them about your tattoo idea. 
We ask you to contact the Artist whose style best suits your tattoo idea to get the best result! 
Our Artists will provide pricing based on the details discussed about your tattoo and will offer dates for your appointment according to their schedules.  

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