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Tattoos by Meaghan Allen

Meaghan is well versed in colour and grey scale work. 

She is particularly excited about neo traditional, surrealism and minimalist/dotwork styles.

Meaghan is happy to hear all of your tattoo ideas!! 

She is hoping to book more BOLD large scale neo traditional pieces in particular.

Aside from Tattooing, Meaghan loves baking, hoarding house plants and watching campy horror movies! 

My Books are OPEN!

Things I'd love to tattoo:

  • Anime/Comicbook Characters

  • Neo Traditional style art

  • Food/Fruits/Vegetables, etc

  • Florals & Plant life

  • Dark art / horror / alien / skulls / death / decay

  • animals & insects

  • Mushrooms

  • Weird, unhinged stuff!

Do you want to book a consult with Meaghan?

Send me pictures of your idea!!

Thank you for your tremendous patience and patronage! Please be patient with response time, I will get back to you as soon as I can!   

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