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Tattoos by Allison

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Hi, my name is Allison, and I love creating unique, vibrant tattoos for my clients.

Allison's books are currently closed! 

Thank you for starting 2024 off with some fantastic ideas!

My books will reopen sometime before summer :)

Thanks y'all! Can't wait to make some cool art 4 u. 

Creative Focus:

Anything Nerdy

Nature — Birds, animals, floral, etc!

Science & Academia

Lady faces / characters

Fantasy & DnD  - Characters, knights, gauntlets, magical objects.

Medieval, Mythology & Magic

Witchy, Tarot, Spiritual

Weird, Hilarious, Silly, Strange & Unusual

Space, Existence, Aliens, UFOs

Pop Culture (TV/Movies, Cartoons, Videogames, Comics, Anime, toys & games etc) 

Neurodivergent / LGBTQ+ Affirmations

Retro & Nostalgia 

Food, Drinks, & Icecream

Optical Illusions 

Concept remixes — Combining two or more ideas

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