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Tattoos by Allison

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Hi, my name is Allison, and I love creating unique, vibrant tattoos for my clients.

Allison is now booking June 2024 and onwards. 

Projects that allow artistic freedom, or align with my interests will be given priority!


I'm know best for unique and vibrant colour work. I'm willing to consider black and grey concepts that align with my focus. 

Creative Focus:

Anything Nerdy

Nature — Birds, animals, floral, etc!

Science & Academia

Lady faces / characters

Fantasy & DnD  - Characters, knights, gauntlets, magical objects.

Medieval, Mythology & Magic

Witchy, Tarot, Spiritual

Weird, Hilarious, Silly, Strange & Unusual

Space, Existence, Aliens, UFOs

Pop Culture (TV/Movies, Cartoons, Videogames, Comics, Anime, toys & games etc) 

Neurodivergent / LGBTQ+ Affirmations

Retro & Nostalgia 

Food, Drinks, & Icecream

Optical Illusions 

Concept remixes — Combining two or more ideas

Jenn P

Worked with Allison to create the silly tattoo of my dreams, and the entire experience was fantastic! I was nervous about getting a decent sized piece for the first time in a few years, but Allison put my nerves at ease and the pain was minimal. The studio is peaceful and comforting, a nice contrast to how loud and busy some shops can be, which really helped make me feel relaxed and prepared. I absolutely recommend this shop and especially Allison if you're looking to bring your colorful ideas to life 💝
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