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Hi, my name is Allison and I love creating unique, vibrant tattoos for my clients.


My books are currently closed until sometime in 2023. 

If I have posted flash or pre-drawn pieces that you are interested in getting, or if you are an existing client with ongoing work or touch-ups, please feel free to contact me!

Some of the concepts I'm exploring include: 

COLOR - rainbow - retro/nostalgia

Kawaii - food/drinks - ice cream

Lisa Frank - Psychedelic/Trippy - Surreal

Weird, Funny, Unusual & Strange

Fandom crossovers - Superheroes & Comics

especially Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Loki, Grandmaster, Korg, Ultron, Wanda, Spider-Man

Would you like to join Allison's waiting list? 
Send me a Photo of your Tattoo Idea!

Thank you for your patience, and for joining my WAITLIST. When I am ready to reopen my books, I will review my WAITLIST!

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