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Tattoos by Allison

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Hi, my name is Allison, and I love creating unique, vibrant tattoos for my clients.

Books closed - 4 now! 

Thank you for all your submissions!

These project concepts are fantastic! It always feels like tatt-Christmas when I read over all your ideas.

Emails will be done over the next few weeks. PLEASE check your junk folders!

Some of the concepts I enjoy include: 

Neotraditional with lots of detail - especially if it includes floral, animals or ornamental bits!

I adore creating tattoos about science and higher learning.

I also happen to really love tattooing birds. They're silly little guys and they are fun to draw.

While colour will always have my heart, I do enjoy a black & grey piece that tells a unique story. 

Whimsical, Surreal, and Fantasy concepts are something I love to create with. 

And of course, all things silly, weird and pop culture! 

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